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    2002 - 2009)

    • Samantha Moore grew up in Colborne, Ontario, Canada. She attended East Northumberland Secondary School. She began performing in summer singing competitions around Ontario.[1] and was 'discovered' in 2002 at age thirteen by Cliff Fabri (RomanLine Ent. /Avril Lavigne), while competing in the Kingston, Ontario Fall Fair Talent Contest.Six months after meeting Fabri she signed a one million dollar recording contract with Geffen Records and moved to Los Angeles to write and record music. 

      Moore collaborated with well known industry songwriters such as Jamie Houston, Butch Walker, Curt Frasca, Sabelle Breer, ex-"American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi, Grammy winning Producer John Shanks, Robbie Nevil, Matthew Gerrard, Matthew Wilder and The Matrix team of Lauren Christy, Graham Edwards and Scott Spock.[1] By the age of sixteen, Samantha had written and collaborated on more than one hundred songs.

    IN 2006 Samantha Moore with Cliff Fabri's guidance signed a one million dollar Publishing deal with BMG MUSIC PUBLISHING who later merged with UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING.  
    Other major recording Artist's have performed her songs and she has had her music heard in Movie and Television soundtracks across the globe. 


  • Matthew Wilder/Thom Panunzio/Ken Krongard /Polly Anthony/Cliff Fabri/Samantha Moore/Jordan Schur/Monti Olson/Scott Francis -
    (LA Gala Samantha's Moore's signing party)

  • SAMANTHA MOORE/pics through the years

    Miley Cyrus Covers a Samantha Moore Song. 

    Samantha's high school became world famous because Miley covered this song.. 
    East Northumberland High is 
    located in Brighton Ontario, Canada, two hours east of Toronto ..

    Samantha Moore's version of East Northumberland High...these youtube posts are put up by Samantha Moore fans trying to clarify that this was Sam's highschool and not Miley's..the kids can be pretty mean..
    The truth is Samantha had to ok Miley cutting the song and although the song has great meaning to Samantha, she did record it when she was 15 and was thrilled Miley liked it enough to cut it..
    Samantha Moore pens songs for Interscope’s Clique Girlz

    We first told you about the Clique Girlz back in May 2008, after receiving a promo CD from the label. Several of the group’s songs, including “The Difference” and “Then I Woke Up”, were penned by Crazed Hits favorite Samantha Moore. The NY Times just did a big story on the band, which you can read at this link. Look for Iovine to put big bucks behind this project. He is determined to create his own Disney-like franchise!

    PICS FROM  Los Angeles 
     ( pic 1 -Cliff Fabri - Samantha Moore,
     pic 2 Samantha Moore, pic  pic 3 Samantha Moore/THE MATRIX, 
    pic 4 Samantha Moore-Adam D Counting Crows lead singer
    pic 5 BMG Publ. Pres. Scott Francis-Samantha-Jordan Schur Geffen Records Pres.,
    pic 6 Samantha and friends

  • Preview and download songs from Finally by Samantha Moore on iTunes. Buy Finally here:

  • THE SAGA OF THE HIT SONG 'breakaway

    THE SAGA OF THE HIT SONG 'breakaway'
    Yes, Kelly Clarkson made 'Breakaway' a number one hit! No, Avril Lavigne did not write 'Breakaway'..Yes, Samantha Moore signed a million dollar record deal on the strength of her recording 'Breakaway. Yes Samantha Moore recorded 'Breakaway' 3 years before Kelly Clarkson'. No, Geffen Records never released Samantha's version of the song.